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A brand-new environmental feature of a modern artificial grass pitch, trekboards are a revolutionary new product designed and manufactured by tigerup! in the UK.

Primarily designed for infill retention and to protect the surrounding environment from infill migration, trekboards also protect the artificial surface from ingress of surrounding vegetation. When used as rebound boards on hockey fields, trekboards will reduce ball noise impact by up to 20%.

trekboards one of a kind environmental credentials:

  • Manufactured using 100% mixed waste plastic, even end of life artificial grass can be used to make trekboards!
  • With a life span of over 50 years, trekboards will outlast traditionally used treated timber, and at the end of their life trekboards can be recycled again to make new ones or to make permeblox.
  • Used as a substitute for timber kickboards, using trekboards reduces the need to cut down trees for this use.
  • Utilising trekboards on one artificial grass pitch saves 4320kgs of CO2 emissions, meeting carbon neutral construction targets via the use of 100% mixed waste plastic.

trekboards are a revolutionary new product that will change the way we protect our environment from unnecessary and sometimes unavoidable infill migration from artificial grass fields. Available on the market via fencing suppliers across the UK, trekboards are an integral, environmentally friendly part of any new build AGP.

  • Cost effective
  • 50+ year lifespan
  • Made from 100% recycled mixed waste plastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Uses end of life artificial grass as raw material
  • Substitute for natural timber
  • 20% reduction in ball impact noise
  • One field installation = recycling 600,000 carrier bags
  • Meets carbon neutral construction targets
  • One field installation saves 4230kg Co2 emissions