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ecocept is a seamlessly paved base layer made from recycled plastics, including artificial grass. Paved in-situ, ecocept is an industry leading product, providing numerous benefits for the construction, performance and sustainability of an artificial grass pitch.


The ecocept ‘recipe’ can be modified to ensure it suits your required sports application. TigerTurf has artificial grass products tested with ecocept to reach FIFA, World Rugby, RFL, GAA, ITF and FIH standards.

ecocept has enhanced play characteristics, giving a more natural feel to closely replicate playing on a natural grass pitch.


A full-size ecocept field saves up to 190 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent to planting 112 trees or saving the CO2 emissions of an average size car for 22 years.


ecocept boasts unrivalled capillary action giving the layer superior lateral drainage capabilities and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage systems.

Time & Cost

Installation of a pitch using ecocept reduces build time, vehicle movements to and from site, site disruption and noise. This saves time and can lead to overall cost savings for a project compared to traditional pitch construction methods.


Up to 140 tonnes of material are prevented from being sent to landfill for each new Ecocept pitch installed.