decking and ground supports

tiger timber is a revolutionary recycled plastic product that replaces timber decking and ground supports. tiger timber doesn’t rot so it provides a stable, sustainable solution for traditionally used timber supports. Made from 100% recycled mixed plastic waste, tiger timber can also be recycled at the end of use, creating a cradle-to-cradle solution.


Are you looking to replace your edgings with something more environmentally aware than the usual timber and concrete? Our pin kurb edging is an attractive, recycled alternative for concrete and timber edgings and is designed to last.

With a 50-year life span, it will outlast timber and concrete and can be recycled back into new products at the end of its life creating a cradle-to-cradle solution.


If you are looking to create a modern-day planter with unique, environmentally friendly properties and hidden water filtration and capillary properties, we have the solution for you.

permeblox planters are great for keeping your plants watered and healthy without the need for constant care.

green roof, decking and living walls

Our lightweight solution has been specifically developed for use in intensive, semi-intensive and extensive green roofs, providing a specialist yet economical solution.

Our exclusively developed recycled plastic product, has been used on many intensive and extensive green roof projects, across the UK, Europe and America.