performance base layer

ecocept is an industry leading base layer for artificial grass fields. Installing an ecocept base layer is the key to creating a sustainable system for your artificial grass pitch.

Saving 112 tonnes of CO2 emissions per full-size installation compared to traditional methods, your new fields can save the the emissions of an average size car for 22 years!

As well as this, your old pitch can become part of your new one as the ecocept recipe includes end of life artificial grass, creating an closed loop lifecycle for your AGP.

infill mitigation boards

trekboards are the next piece in your sustainable system puzzle. Made from 100% mixed waste plastic, trekboards are an environmentally-conscious kickboard replacement.

Designed to prevent infill mitigation, trekboards protect the surrounding environment from unwanted infill migration as well as providing a safe, customisable border for your artificial grass field.


permeblox provides a perfect drainage solution for a number of sports settings including golf courses, artificial and natural grass sports fields. permeblox can also be used to provide drainage relief to highways, roadways and pathways – providing a solution for all aspects of a sporting facility.

equestrian flooring & fencing

permeblox is the perfect solution and concrete alternative for Equestrian Flooring and Fencing.

permeblox offers numerous benefits for your horse. Providing a dry, warm, non-slip surface for their stable. The product is also quiet, comfortable and encourages lying down, making a surface that is kinder on joints and feet, reducing odour, ammonia and dust as well as reducing thrush, arthritis, and lymphangitis. permeblox can also be used as a timber alternative, providing a sustainable solution to fencing for manages and other stable areas.